Address: 306 N. Sprague Ellensburg, WA Worship Service: Sundays at 10:00 am

Children’s Ministry


We love kids at Wellspring!  You will find them all over the place–upstairs, downstairs, or up front worshiping.

Our goal

in children’s ministry is to bring kids to Jesus–not just bringing them to be saved, but inviting them into deeper and deeper friendship with him.  We want your child to not only learn about God, but to experience Him!  We believe in giving children opportunities to worship, pray, listen for God’s voice, learn his word, and love others.  We do this in age-appropriate classes, and we also invite children to participate with the whole Wellspring congregation when we seek God together.

You will see

that we want children to be themselves.  We want learning to be fun, and we want friendships to abound–friendships between children, and friendships between adults and children.  Relationships are so vital as we take children by the hand and show them how to walk with Jesus.

A safe environment

and volunteers with God’s heart for children are both foundational to these goals.  We pledge to provide both of these, and to partner with you in bringing your child to



SUNDAYS:  nursery and preschool

SUNDAYS:  1st – 5th grade


TEE PEE CAMP (1st-5th grade)

JESUS NINJAS (3rd-5th grade)

Purpose Statement